Pacquiao vs. Bradley Boxing June 9th at 6 p.m.

Pacquiao vs. Bradley Championship Boxing live at Max June 9th at 6 p.m.

Pacquiao vs. Bradley June 9th at 6 p.m.Timothy Bradley is making headlines heading into the Pacquiao vs Bradley fight on June 9th. He has been saying that everyone better get ready for the November rematch, because he’s about to beat Pacquiao. Bradley is a dangerous fighter, and in this Bradley analysis video, we see what Bradley’s mentality was heading into each of his last few big fights.

There have been several occasions recently where people doubted Bradley’s abilities. He has beaten two undefeated fighters in Lamont Peterson and Devon Alexander, and there have been many times where people thought he wasn’t as fast as his opponent. Bradley responded to these doubters by winning every fight he has been in, and he looks to do the same on June 9th.

With the Pacquiao vs Bradley fight just over a week away, the boxing world is buzzing about how good Timothy Bradley is looking, and what his chances may really be for winning this fight. According to Top Rank chief Bob Arum, if Pacquiao loses to Bradley, there would be a rematch on November 10. To some this may seem strange however the reality is that this is the same deal that has been signed in the last few Pacquiao fights, so nothing has really changed from that end.

In an interview with the Manila Bulletin, Arum explains:

“This is the reason why I haven’t talked about any other fight with Manny other than this upcoming fight with Bradley. He is getting paid well in this fight and it’ll take care of his children, and if he wins and fights Pacquiao in a rematch, the money he’s getting will take care of his grandchildren.”

While it is strange that Pacquiao’s promoter is already talking about a rematch it could mean two things. Firstly, Arum is playing mind games with the media in order to generate more Pay Per View buys by making people think Pacquiao can be beaten. Or, Arum believes Bradley has a legitimate shot, which he does. Either way, this fight will be great and the world will be watching come June 9th.

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