UFC 194 PPV Saturday December 12th @ 8 p.m.

UFC 194 PPV Aldo vs. McGregor live Saturday December 12th 8 p.m . @ Max Sports Grille

Although Saturday night will be the first real physical encounter between the two, the mental warfare has been waged for over a year since the fight was first talked about last October.

Many would say that McGregor has mostly dictated the terms in the battle of words and has the mental edge over Aldo heading in to the fight this Saturday.

The Irishman has consistently barraged Aldo with verbal volleys about his history of pulling out of fights, his inactivity and the distinct size advantage he has over him.

McGregor’s mental attacks have been unrelenting and according to MMA Sports Psychologist James Barraclough, author of The MMA Psychology Manual, this could prove to be the difference on Saturday night: “At elite level it’s mostly mental, as physical, technical and tactical aspects of the game tend to balance out. It’s how fighters deal with mental factors on the night concentration, confidence and dealing with nerves, that’s what it could come down to.”

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