UFC 200 PPV Saturday, July 9th @ 5 p.m. @ Max Sports Grille

UFC 200 PPV Saturday, July 9th @ 5 p.m. @ Max Sports Grille

The Ultimate Fighting Championshipis loud and brash and not to everyone’s taste. It still divides opinion, but as its most historic moment closes in this weekend, this can be said without any doubt:

It is here, and it is not going anywhere.

UFC 200 Fight Cards

Brock Lesnar vs. Mark Hunt

Miesha Tate vs. Amanda Nunes

Daniel Cormier vs. Silva Anderson

Jose Aldo vs. Franie Edgar

Cain Velasques vs. Travis Browne

Make sure to come to Max Sports Grille, Scottsdale early, this is a Historic event.

Watch all of the action at Scottsdale sports bar Max Sports Grille. From UFC to boxing, Arizona State University football to Nebraska Cornhuskers football, Max Sports Grille televises all of the best sporting events live each week, broadcast over one of the Scottsdale sports bar’s 50 high definition televisions.

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